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Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
30th Oct 2023

BH group participated in the 134th Canton Fair and the 20th China (Yuhuan) Machine Tool Exhibition of YME

    From October 23rd to 27th, Mr.John, general manager of Zhejiang Best&Honest Electromechanics Co., Ltd., led the team to participate in the 134th China Import and Export Fair (Phase II), and exhibited the latest BH water series, gas series, pipe fittings series valves and supporting (complete) products in the building and decoration materials area, attracting many domestic and foreign merchants to visit and negotiate business, and achieved good results.    It is reported that under the current complex and severe international environment and foreign trade situation, the Canton Fair is conducive to showing the innovative achievements of Chinese manufacturing to the world, helping domestic enterprises to expand the market with orders, strengthening the docking of supply and demand, promoting the stability and smoothness of the industrial chain and supply chain, enhancing the international influence and competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, and opening up a new situation of harmony and win-win. The total exhibition area has expanded to 1.55 million square meters, the total number of booths is 74,000, 28,533 exhibitors, and more than 100,000 merchants from 43 countries and regions are exhibiting or purchasing.At the exhibition, Bomin's unique brand booth design and exquisite products were particularly eye-catching, including compression ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, gas self-closing valves, water valves, industrial control valves and other subdivisions of the products were unveiled for the first time at the Canton Fair. The staff introduced the design principle, material requirements, process structure, technical performance and cost-effective advantages of the products in detail to customers from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia and other places.From time to time, customers consulted about the procurement and ordering process and business cooperation, and Mr.John, the general manager, answered various questions one by one on the spot, resolved customer doubts, and contributed to a number of business transactions and business cooperation. During the exhibition, Zhou Yang, Secretary of the Yuhuan Municipal Party Committee, Shi Hongbing, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and other leaders visited the site to visit the staff of the exhibitors in Yuhuan.  Further news: From October 27th to October 30th, the "YME 20th China (Yuhuan) Machine Tool Exhibition" organized by the Yuhuan Municipal People's Government was grandly held at the Yuhuan Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "Made in a Big Country, Jade Showcases Craftsmanship". The exhibition covers an area of nearly 50000 square meters, bringing together nearly 1000 enterprises to showcase metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, electrical and laser processing equipment, industrial robots, inspection and measurement equipment, CNC systems, cutting tools, functional components, and supporting products. As a rising star in the valve specialized equipment industry, BH group Invited to participate in the exhibition.At the exhibition, BH group exhibited the latest developed valve production equipment such as water wheel combination machine, ball valve automatic assembly machine, human-machine combination line, automatic pressure cap filling machine, automatic ball tapping and pressure cap tightening machine, automatic glue dispensing and cap tightening machine, bolt head gear rolling machine, etc. The staff demonstrated the equipment performance on site and won unanimous praise from customers from Yuhuan, Taizhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiangsu, and other places. They stopped and watched for a long time, When learning from the staff about equipment structure, technical performance, productivity efficiency, quality assurance, and other information, and learning that these equipment are widely used in the production and processing of products such as ball valves, gas valves, and angle valves, achieving the characteristics of lightweight, systematic, and intelligent manufacturing processes, they raised their thumbs up and praised BH's precision manufacturing technology, and expressed their desire to visit the enterprise site for further investigation, To promote subsequent business cooperation between both parties.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
21th Oct 2023

See you at Canton Fair

See you on site (Best & Honest)​ Canton FairBooth No. 11.2 D37-38 E10-11Date: 10.23-10.27
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
28th Spt 2023

Best & Honest Holiday Benefits

The Mid-Autumn Festival cool breeze, bright moon when empty. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, in order to allow all employees to spend a happy and peaceful holiday, on September 25, the Party branch of Bomin Shares and the trade union jointly organized condolence activities, carefully prepared mooncakes, milk, supermarket cards and other items for the employees, and thanked everyone for their hard work on behalf of the company, and sent warm greetings and sincere wishes to everyone.The Mid-Autumn Festival is the traditional "Reunion Festival", every festival times miss relatives. Due to the road and time relationship, some employees in other cities and provinces chose to stay in the local festival and did not go home for a reunion. In order to alleviate everyone's acacia, Bomin shares prepared a variety of benefits in advance to everyone, which not only active the internal atmosphere, but also enhance the relationship between enterprises and employees.At the distribution site, the staff laughed and laughed, warm and extraordinary, the staff will be sent to the hands of each post of the staff, from time to time with the staff, chat short, carefully ask the family's work and life situation, is there any difficulty to help solve? ... The employees are carrying the gift boxes and their faces are filled with happy smiles. Everyone has said that although the usual work is a little tired, but the mood is very comfortable, Bo Min Party branch, the trade union is particularly concerned about the life and work of the employees, the real deep feelings, let us really feel the company's care and warmth, we are also willing to grow and progress with the company.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
03th Jul 2023

BH First half of the work meeting of all management personnel

In June, the sun is blazing, passion surging. On the afternoon of June 30, Bomin Shares organized a work meeting for all management personnel in the first half of the year. At the meeting, Lin Zuoman, vice president of production, Li Desong, vice president of technology, respectively, made a summary speech on the development of production operation, technology research and development, quality control and other work, General manager Zheng Zhiyong on behalf of the company's board of directors to thank all the management staff for their hard work, he summed up the company's work in the first half of the year, deployment and arrangement of the work tasks in the second half of the year.Mr. Zheng pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the world has faced the risk of stagflation of high inflation and low economic growth, and under the adverse factors such as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, soaring international energy prices, and abnormal fluctuations in the US dollar exchange rate, the domestic and foreign markets have weakened as a whole, and many import and export enterprises have struggled to survive. In the face of the severe economic situation, Bomin timely adjusted the response strategy, adhere to the main business, adhere to innovation, actively expand domestic demand and foreign trade, stabilize the operation order, production and sales and financial income are superior to peer enterprises. Mr. Zheng summarized Bomin's achievements in production management, technology research and development, equipment improvement, market expansion, financial management, system operation and other aspects in the first half of the year, pointed out the shortcomings in the work of various departments, and put forward improvement plans. He stressed that the current environment is complex and changeable, risks and opportunities coexist, challenges and development coexist, in this case, Bomin should not forget the original intention, consolidate the main business, develop emerging industries, ensure that domestic demand and foreign trade go hand in hand, enhance comprehensive competitive strength, improve the ability to resist risks. He asked all departments and workshops to pay attention to process details in the work of the second half of the year, continue to do a good job in the basic management of stable production insurance policies, quality and efficiency improvement, energy saving and consumption reduction, new products and market development, financial cost control and other aspects, strengthen the implementation of systems and processes, ensure the effectiveness of all work and achieve the expected goals.General Manager Zheng encouraged all management staff to take this meeting as an opportunity to continue to forge ahead, leap the horse, to vigorous upward, overcome the difficulties of the spirit of progress and only seize the day and night, the heroic drive to leap forward, create and share the victory of the Bo people, and make unremitting efforts to create a better future.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
11th May 2023

BH organization to hold middle and senior leadership training

From May 6th to 7th, BH, together with 2 other enterprises, Homebase and Hontec , organized the training and learning of "Manager Role Positioning and Communication" in the multi-function Hall of BH. A total of more than 70 middle and senior leaders of the three enterprises attended the training and achieved the expected effect.In the course of teaching, Mr. Luo explained in detail the man-post matching technology in the positioning of the role of managers, emphasized the principle of being a true person and doing things in a role, analyzed the cost waste in daily management, classified the common mistakes of leading cadres, and distinguished the internal connection between operation and management, vision and results of the point, surface and line; In the explanation of the driving factors of management, Ms. Luo aroused everyone's interest with case analysis and classroom interaction, and explained the altruistic and egoistic working methods in management. All groups actively discussed and deepened their understanding of the role of management. In the example of thinking application class, Ms. Luo listed more than 20 ways of thinking, such as homeopathy thinking, pipeline thinking, altruistic thinking, dialectical thinking and outcome thinking, which triggered everyone's inspiration and was unanimously praised. In the communication courseware series, Ms. Luo elaborated communication logic, communication transmission, cross-departmental communication principles, unclear matters communication thinking and other elements. The content is detailed and specific, close to the actual operation of the enterprise, so that the trainees learn correct and effective communication. On the basis of the communication of knowledge and knowledge, several groups were invited to the stage for simulation exercise. Ms. Luo commented on the communication matters and shortcomings of each group one by one, which enhanced everyone's learning impression.

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