Best & Honest Holiday Benefits

28th Spt 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival cool breeze, bright moon when empty. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, in order to allow all employees to spend a happy and peaceful holiday, on September 25, the Party branch of Bomin Shares and the trade union jointly organized condolence activities, carefully prepared mooncakes, milk, supermarket cards and other items for the employees, and thanked everyone for their hard work on behalf of the company, and sent warm greetings and sincere wishes to everyone.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the traditional "Reunion Festival", every festival times miss relatives. Due to the road and time relationship, some employees in other cities and provinces chose to stay in the local festival and did not go home for a reunion. In order to alleviate everyone's acacia, Bomin shares prepared a variety of benefits in advance to everyone, which not only active the internal atmosphere, but also enhance the relationship between enterprises and employees.

At the distribution site, the staff laughed and laughed, warm and extraordinary, the staff will be sent to the hands of each post of the staff, from time to time with the staff, chat short, carefully ask the family's work and life situation, is there any difficulty to help solve? ... The employees are carrying the gift boxes and their faces are filled with happy smiles. Everyone has said that although the usual work is a little tired, but the mood is very comfortable, Bo Min Party branch, the trade union is particularly concerned about the life and work of the employees, the real deep feelings, let us really feel the company's care and warmth, we are also willing to grow and progress with the company.

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