2023 annual work summary and commendation conference

29th Jan 2024

With the orderly conclusion of all the work at the end of the year, on the afternoon of January 29, Best&Honest Group organized all employees to hold the 2023 annual work summary and advanced employee commendation conference in the multi-functional conference room, and the atmosphere of the meeting was enthusiastic and inspiring.

Concluding remarks

At the meeting, Mr.Lin, vice president of production, made a concluding speech on the production management work in 2023, and pointed out that in 2023, all workshops and warehouses of the production department will work together and work side by side to complete all order tasks excellently, and the delivery rate has been greatly improved compared with the previous year, which has been highly praised by customers. In terms of overall management, the production department constantly improves the details of the process, closely carries out daily work around "people, machines, materials, methods and environment", and regularly organizes coordination meetings of planning, procurement, technology, quality control and other departments to deal with problems in the production process in a timely manner, which effectively improves efficiency and reduces costs. He stressed that in 2024, the production department should strengthen the management of equipment and tooling fixtures, procurement management, warehouse management, safety production management, etc., further improve production capacity and efficiency, continue to save energy and reduce consumption, and provide a fundamental guarantee for expanding market sales. Mr.Li , vice president of technology, summarized the work of the technology department and the quality control department in 2023, and informed the research and development results in 2023. The trial production and trial production of the new process plan to complete more than 20 development tasks and apply for more than 30 patents; continue to strengthen standardized management and improve the quality management in the production process, eliminate the occurrence of large-scale quality accidents, ensure that the products meet 100% standards, and then enhance the confidence of customers in Best&Honest products.


The general manager made a speech

General Manager Mr.Zheng made a comprehensive summary of the company's work in 2023, and pointed out in his speech that in 2023, affected by the intensification of trade frictions, the decline of the consumer market, the prominent contradiction between supply and demand, and the weak economic policy, the company stabilized the operation order through strategies such as "strengthening the foundation and innovating and making breakthroughs", and basically achieved the predetermined business goals. In terms of social benefits, the company has won many honors such as "Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute, Zhejiang Province Cross-border E-commerce Export Famous Brand, Taizhou Municipal Green Factory" and other honors, and has achieved effective progress. Mr. Zheng pointed out that the current situation at home and abroad is complex and changeable, risks and opportunities coexist, challenges and development coexist, and all departments of the company should inherit and carry forward some of the achievements made in 2023, and face up to the shortcomings in daily management, so as to achieve self-examination and self-correction, self-rectification, and strive to promote the level of enterprise management to a new level. When issuing the work tasks for the new year, Mr. Zheng emphasized that in 2024, the company should comprehensively strengthen and improve basic management, stabilize business order, consolidate the foundation of the enterprise, and focus on market sales, production management, technological innovation, quality assurance, financial monitoring and other aspects of the work. Mr. Zheng encouraged all employees to stand at a new starting point for development in 2024, and hope that everyone will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of unity and hard work, pragmatism and enterprising, with a more diligent spirit, more full of enthusiasm, more tenacious perseverance, and move forward bravely, so as to create and share the victory results belonging to all Best&Hoent people. Mr. Zheng's sonorous and powerful words stirred the venue and won thunderous applause!


Advanced employee commendation

Subsequently, the person in charge of the company's enterprise management department read out the commendation document and informed the company's 2023 "advanced employee" list.

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