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Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
28th Jun 2022

BH and Datang co-funded Zhejiang Hongtai gas equipment company

  During this gold season. On June 27th, BH welcomed the event and held a signing ceremony with Shaanxi Datang Gas Safety Technology Co., LTD. The two sides decided to establish zhejiang Hongtai Gas Equipment Co., LTD. (preparation) as a joint venture, which is located in Qinggang Town, Yuhuan City. Zhi-yong zheng, GM of BH, Liu bo, GM of Datang technology  in shaanxi province, zhi-yi liu, city gas heat association secretary-general , Guo Ming, Xian yongtu industrial co., LTD. General manager, deputy general manager, datang technology business administration deputy manager wang chao, Party Secretary of town Chen Yangjian, town mayor Zheng Shengke, ABC yuhuan branch secretary of the Party committee, president of bank Qian Hongying and BH people each department is responsible for the shares Witnessed by the people, signed the cooperation agreement.After reporting the company details of both BH and Datang, both side made an agreement on this, and Party Secretayy of the Party Committee made an inspiring speech to encourage this big move.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
18th Jun 2022

BH actively encourage employees to replace non-standard electric bikes

June 17, Qinggang Town enterprise staff non-standard electric bikes elimination and replacement activity (the first) was held in BH, the electric bike dealers, mobile companies, recycling companies, traffic police, urban management, market supervision and other units to help.According to the "Zhejiang Electric bicycle management Regulations" relevant provisions, since January 1, 2023, in Zhejiang province for the record of non-standard electric bicycles shall not be on the road, the traffic police will be in accordance with the provisions of the parties to education or punishment.In order to encourage employees to replace the non-standard electric bicycles, Yuhuan Government introduce many benefit policies, combine with the recycle company, the mobile company, financial company strength. Meanwhile BH has 100-150 subisdy. Highly reduced the replacement cost.Employees are very happy to have this oppprtunity and this discount to have a brand new bikes. 
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
30th May 2022

BH'smajor technical transformation projects successfully passed the completion of acceptance

On the afternoon of May 27, the joint inspection team, led by Yuhuan Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and composed of Yuhuan Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Statistics Bureau, Urban Housing Bureau, Qinggang Town Government and other units, inspected and accepted bomin's major technological transformation project. Bomin stock financial, administrative and other departments responsible for the inspection team made a work report.In order to strengthen the strength of the company and improve the reputation of the industry, BH Started the "technical renovation project of 16 million sets of new ball valves and 250,000 sets of precision automobile water pump production line" with a total investment of 110 million yuan in 2018, which was listed as a major technical renovation project by Yuhuan Municipal government and enjoyed the policy of "one case, one discussion". The project involves 4773 square meters of newly added industrial land, which will be merged with the old factory to make a new general plan. 47957.32 square meters of new plant will be built after demolition. The project introduces advanced production and testing equipment at home and abroad, adopts forging technology and precision NUMERICAL control technology, improves the capacity scale of valve, automobile water pump and machine tool equipment, and extends the industrial chain. After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual sales revenue is expected to reach 350 million yuan, profit and tax is expected to reach 54.5 million yuan, and foreign exchange is expected to reach 51 million U.S. dollars, which will drive the coordinated development of more than 40 small and micro supporting enterprises around the project to achieve harmony and prosperity.Project in the process of advance, BH people overcome the outbreak repeatedly, electricity, materials are in short supply, such as difficulty, in the support of the municipal government and relevant departments of the help, adhere to the production and construction, after more than three years of efforts, the project workshop in April 2022 by the end of all completed and completed the real property right registration, realized the operation smoothly. According to the audit by the accounting firm, the project investment, fixed assets and other financial indicators have reached the expectations, and the enterprise has achieved good economic and social benefits. Inspection group listened to the report, carefully check the related information, site visit to the new plant layout, by all accounts, people share project planning, high starting point, strict process management, financial data, real hardware configuration is complete, the entire project is "yuhuan" benchmarking, the other small industrial park transformation can have very good reference... . After the inspection group democratic evaluation, agreed to bomin shares major technical transformation project through the completion of acceptance. The person in charge of BH said that it would take this technical transformation as an opportunity to strengthen the industry, make solid products, continue to play the leading role in the industry, and make unremitting efforts to build a first-class domestic and international advanced enterprise!
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
05th May 2022

Labor Day Holiday- Sports Meeting

Labor Day Holiday- Sports MeetingIn order to celebrate the "5-1" international Labor Day, to create a festive atmosphere, promote the construction of enterprise cultural activities, to show the good outlook of workers positive and courageous struggle. On April 30th, BH's Party branch and labor union jointly organized the "fifth fun sports meeting for employees", which was well received by all employees.This fun games set up "crab race", "double dragon ", "south-to-North water diversion", "tug-of-war" and other seven projects, a total of 75 teams 230 people/time to participate, the scale is larger than before. General manager Zheng Zhiyong said in the opening speech, the company has always attached importance to the construction of enterprise culture, support to carry out all kinds of competitive activities, let all staff work and rest, enjoy the fun of work and life, he hoped that the participating teams carry forward the style of "friendship first, competition second", competition level, mutual progress.After the end of the game, the judges, records statistics and announced the results of each team, respectively to determine the first, second, third place, followed by a grand award ceremony, the company leadership of the winning team award. The winning team is full of excitement, everyone said that such activities are very powerful, not only challenge themselves, harvest hope, but also enhance the relationship between the staff, the team, the company, to all the staff's heart.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
02th Apr 2022

Director of the Standing Committee of Yuhuan Municipal Committee, visited BH

On the afternoon of April 1, Li Lingzhi,  Standing Committee of Yuhuan Municipal Party Committee and Director of Organization, accompanied by Chen Yangjian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qinggang Town, and others, visited BH for inspection and guidance. General Manager John Zheng warmly represent work report to the leaders.Firstly, they visited the showroom, He carefully inquired about BH's industrial structure, product types, market sales, etc., and John Zheng made an exchange introduction one by one. And pointed out the good sales performance for the first quarter. Li Lingzhi praised BH's accurate strategic positioning, effective safeguard measures, and experience worthy of learning and reference by other enterprises.During the meeting, learnt that BH put lot of effort on domestic market, and encouraged BH to seize the chance.And government cares about every company especially in talent traing area, to support enterprise to develop. 

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