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Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
10th Apr 2023

See you at Canton Fair

See you on site (Best & Honest)​133th Canton Fair (Guangzhou)Booth No.: 11.2 E33-34 F13-14Date: Apr 15th to 19th
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
03th Jul 2023

BH First half of the work meeting of all management personnel

In June, the sun is blazing, passion surging. On the afternoon of June 30, Bomin Shares organized a work meeting for all management personnel in the first half of the year. At the meeting, Lin Zuoman, vice president of production, Li Desong, vice president of technology, respectively, made a summary speech on the development of production operation, technology research and development, quality control and other work, General manager Zheng Zhiyong on behalf of the company's board of directors to thank all the management staff for their hard work, he summed up the company's work in the first half of the year, deployment and arrangement of the work tasks in the second half of the year.Mr. Zheng pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the world has faced the risk of stagflation of high inflation and low economic growth, and under the adverse factors such as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, soaring international energy prices, and abnormal fluctuations in the US dollar exchange rate, the domestic and foreign markets have weakened as a whole, and many import and export enterprises have struggled to survive. In the face of the severe economic situation, Bomin timely adjusted the response strategy, adhere to the main business, adhere to innovation, actively expand domestic demand and foreign trade, stabilize the operation order, production and sales and financial income are superior to peer enterprises. Mr. Zheng summarized Bomin's achievements in production management, technology research and development, equipment improvement, market expansion, financial management, system operation and other aspects in the first half of the year, pointed out the shortcomings in the work of various departments, and put forward improvement plans. He stressed that the current environment is complex and changeable, risks and opportunities coexist, challenges and development coexist, in this case, Bomin should not forget the original intention, consolidate the main business, develop emerging industries, ensure that domestic demand and foreign trade go hand in hand, enhance comprehensive competitive strength, improve the ability to resist risks. He asked all departments and workshops to pay attention to process details in the work of the second half of the year, continue to do a good job in the basic management of stable production insurance policies, quality and efficiency improvement, energy saving and consumption reduction, new products and market development, financial cost control and other aspects, strengthen the implementation of systems and processes, ensure the effectiveness of all work and achieve the expected goals.General Manager Zheng encouraged all management staff to take this meeting as an opportunity to continue to forge ahead, leap the horse, to vigorous upward, overcome the difficulties of the spirit of progress and only seize the day and night, the heroic drive to leap forward, create and share the victory of the Bo people, and make unremitting efforts to create a better future.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
11th May 2023

BH organization to hold middle and senior leadership training

From May 6th to 7th, BH, together with 2 other enterprises, Homebase and Hontec , organized the training and learning of "Manager Role Positioning and Communication" in the multi-function Hall of BH. A total of more than 70 middle and senior leaders of the three enterprises attended the training and achieved the expected effect.In the course of teaching, Mr. Luo explained in detail the man-post matching technology in the positioning of the role of managers, emphasized the principle of being a true person and doing things in a role, analyzed the cost waste in daily management, classified the common mistakes of leading cadres, and distinguished the internal connection between operation and management, vision and results of the point, surface and line; In the explanation of the driving factors of management, Ms. Luo aroused everyone's interest with case analysis and classroom interaction, and explained the altruistic and egoistic working methods in management. All groups actively discussed and deepened their understanding of the role of management. In the example of thinking application class, Ms. Luo listed more than 20 ways of thinking, such as homeopathy thinking, pipeline thinking, altruistic thinking, dialectical thinking and outcome thinking, which triggered everyone's inspiration and was unanimously praised. In the communication courseware series, Ms. Luo elaborated communication logic, communication transmission, cross-departmental communication principles, unclear matters communication thinking and other elements. The content is detailed and specific, close to the actual operation of the enterprise, so that the trainees learn correct and effective communication. On the basis of the communication of knowledge and knowledge, several groups were invited to the stage for simulation exercise. Ms. Luo commented on the communication matters and shortcomings of each group one by one, which enhanced everyone's learning impression.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
02th Mar 2023

BH 2022 annual advanced commendation conference

Spring returns to the earth. In the afternoon of February 28, BH organized all the employees to hold the "2022 Annual Advanced Commendation Conference" in the Fifth hall of the company. The atmosphere was warm and exciting.At the meeting, the general manager Zheng Zhiyong made an important speech on behalf of the board of directors of the company. He summarized the work of the company in the past year, reported the business performance and the fruitful results achieved, pointed out the shortcomings in the management, emphasized the improvement projects and implementation measures of each department and each workshop, and demanded the implementation of everything and feedback. When issued 2023 work target, he encouraged the staff to continue to carry forward the unity, pragmatic and enterprising spirit of enterprise, in order to make full of vigour, Benedict do not idle attitude, efforts to achieve the leap development efforts to the company, refueling refueling, create a new Shared achievements. Manager Zheng's sonorous and powerful bold words shocked the meeting hall, and all the staff expressed their full support with thunderous applause!Afterwards, the head of the business Management Department read out the commendation document and notified the list of "Advanced employees, advanced teams and 6S Prizes" of the company in 2022. In the welcome march, the leaders of the company presented awards to the honored employees and groups in batches, shook hands with the award-winning employees, and took a group photo.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
04th Jan 2023

2022 Annual Summary Meeting

At the end of the year, in order to summarize the work in 2022, accumulate management experience, and make a good start for the work in 2023, take good steps and seek new development. On the afternoon of January 3rd, BH organized more than 100 management personnel to hold the 2022 annual year-end review meeting in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor of the office building. The meeting atmosphere was warm and encouraging.Zheng Zhiyong, general manager, made a speech at the meeting on behalf of the board of directors of the company. He pointed out that in 2022, facing the complex and changeable situation at home and abroad and the downward pressure of the industry, the company actively adjusted the response strategy, based on the main manufacturing industry, stabilized the operation order through the measures of stable production and increase revenue, open source and reduce expenditure, and basically achieved the target. At the same time of economic benefits, the company was rated as "National specialized and special new 'little giant' enterprise, Yuhuan Yulong Enterprise" and many other honors, and together with Shaanxi Datang Gas Safety Technology Co., LTD., a joint venture was established "Zhejiang Hontec Gas Equipment Co., LTD.", opening up a new business territory and stepping into a new milestone with the spirit of endeavour. He emphasized that although the business performance of the company in 2022 did not decline significantly compared with that of 2021, there was still a certain gap between the size and comprehensive strength of the company compared with outstanding enterprises in the same industry. Therefore, all employees should guard against arrogance and impetuous behavior while affirming their past achievements, and more importantly, face up to their own shortcomings and consciously promote their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. Strive to 2023 work on a new level, and add new brilliance. In the face of 2023 work tasks and goals, he encouraged all departments, all workshops to strengthen cooperation, grasp the details of the work, all management personnel to be typical, tree benchmark, lead all employees to think in one place, to make a more diligent spirit, more full of enthusiasm, more tenacious perseverance, concerted efforts to do everything well, Promote the continuous growth of the company.

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