BH actively promotes staff skills training and certification work

25th Jul 2022

July 22 afternoon,the first batch of BH staff  total 87 management staff personnel in yuhuan city labor and social security bureau under the supervision of staff, multi-function hall in the company held a team site management professional skill test, the test USES is confirmed by examination personnel identity information, answers in APP small procedures, for the new test way employees accept and welcome.

In order to comprehensively improve the skills of employees and cultivate industrial workers in the new era, In accordance with the relevant requirements of zhejiang Province and Taizhou Vocational Skill Improvement Action implementation plan, BH applied for the certification of vocational skill level pilot enterprise in August 2020, which was approved and put on record by Yuhuan Personnel, Labor and Social Security Bureau. Company through the external professional lecturers teach, combined with the internal features, on the theory and practice teaching of on-the-job employees, partial organization unified exam, complete the study task, the company to pass the examination and obtain corresponding professional qualification level of 200-500 yuan per job subsidies for employees, fully arouse the enthusiasm of the employees' learning enthusiasm and textual research. Up to now, the company has a total of 681 professional skills certificates for turning workers, milling workers and forging workers, among which 191 are senior workers. In 2022, the company will not only carry out the upgrading examination for the previous entry-level jobs, but also increase the training certificate for the occupational skills of team and group on-site management. Through the guidance and encouragement to employees, a strong learning atmosphere is gradually formed in the company, which is of great significance for improving the comprehensive quality of employees.

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