Cooling beverage in Hot summer

21th Jul 2022

This July is extremely hot with scorching sun and heat waves. July 20 afternoon, enterprise trade union federation of trade unions, the port town BH people jointly organized the "cooling summer" activities, two levels of union carefully choose and buy of the herbal tea, cold drinks, cold boiled water, heat, medicine and other supplies, is partial to the jobs of employees, filar silk cool idea for employees, offer sincere solicitude, let spurts of warm currents in the employee's heart.

In order to care for employees and prevent safety accidents caused by hot weather, BH made arrangements in advance. Besides adjusting the working and rest time of some workshops, it also increased the reserve of emergency medicine, and usually made herbal tea and sent it to the workshop for employees to drink for free. Full-time service personnel of the company's labor union and business management Department check the arrival conditions of employees in all departments and workshops every day. If any employee is found to have symptoms such as sweating, cold and listlessness, he/she shall immediately take a rest and send for medical examination to maintain and recover his/her physical strength. Through a variety of measures, bomin stock workshops orderly production, production efficiency has not been affected by the high temperature, staff morale is high, some workshops are still working overtime to catch up on goods. Employees have said that the company embodies the humanistic care everywhere, real care for the physical and mental health of employees, although the hot weather, but we will not retreat, but more energetic.

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