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Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
21th Oct 2021

Electricity controling but non-stop Improving

Electricity controling but non-stop ImprovingIn order to cooperate with the government department's energy consumption "dual control" policy, BH shares orderly production in accordance with superior safety and energy saving requirements. During the period of power curtailment, the company's corporate management department makes full use of the gap time to organize employees to take turns to conduct skills training to comprehensively improve their quality.In response to the training needs of the workshop and the date of curtailment, the company’s corporate management department re-adjusted its annual training plan, giving priority to front-line employees to learn about lathes, millers, forgers, and assemblers. The company entrusts a lecturer from a vocational technical school to teach. From theoretical explanation to practical operation, each step is introduced into the company’s product production technology, combined with the actual scene and equipment, to realize the whole process of transforming theory into practical operation, so that employees can feel it firsthand The ease and satisfaction of applying what you have learned. In response to the training needs of the trade and sales departments, the company arranges technical managers and quality management managers to give lectures to explain the production process, technical requirements, quality standards, installation and use matters of the company’s products, and fully interact in the classroom. Enhance the trainees’ understanding of the company’s products and better serve customers. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the training, the company actively communicates with Yuhuan City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and applies for vocational skills exams for employees who have met the required training hours and have practical operation experience. Those who pass the exam will be issued a skill level certificate, which can be used as a Proof of skill level, recognized by the whole society, and high gold content. Up to now, Bomin has issued more than 200 skill certificates for lathes, millers, and forgers, including 40 high-level skills, 60 intermediate skills, and more than 100 junior skills. The company also gives economic rewards to employees who have passed the examination. Encourage employees to participate in learning to the greatest extent possible, and be motivated.It is understood that BH shares will continue to guide staff training and learning in the next stage, and strive to move towards the goal of higher skills. Through training, employees not only learn to be strong and enjoy learning, but also comprehensively improve their self-quality, which will save energy and lay a solid foundation for the normal production of the company, the improvement of quality and efficiency in the future. 
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
30th Spt 2021

The 72nd anniversary of the founding of China

The 72nd anniversary of the founding of ChinaTo celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of China, we will have 3-day-holiday(1st-3rd Oct.21).
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
22th Spt 2021

Warm Mid-Autumn Festival and Mid-Autumn festival benefits

On August 15, the moon is round and family reunion.Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival condolence activity organized by the Party branch and the labor union of Bomin Shares began again.The company purchased moon cakes, milk, supermarket cards and other items and distributed them to all employees to send holiday greetings and best wishes to employees and their families.Mid-Autumn Festival common name Yuexi festival, also known as reunion Festival, originated in ancient times, popular in the Han Dynasty, stereotypes in the early Tang Dynasty, prevailing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has been listed as a national statutory holiday.The Mid-Autumn Festival to the moon circle trillion people reunion, is homesick, miss family emotional sustenance, but also the people pray for peace and security, live and work in peace and contentment of the pursuit.Most of the employees of BH company come from other provinces. Due to work reasons and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control this year, some of them cannot go home to spend the holiday with their parents, wives and children.For the sake of employees, the company ordered moon cakes, milk and other items in advance, and ordered supermarket cards in nearby supermarkets, so that employees can shop by themselves.When we received carefully selected gifts and sincere blessings, we felt happy on our faces. We truly felt the love and warmth of bomin family, and praised the humanistic care of the company.Moon cakes are round and affectionate.Everyone ate the moon cake, showed a happy smile, the staff said, thank the company to provide such a good working and living environment, but also thanks to the leadership of the staff's heart and care, will do their best to continue to contribute to the development and growth of the company!
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
27th Aug 2021

Cool in summer

Cool in summer The heat wave continued after the end of Heat.To ensure the health of employees, avoid heat stroke symptoms due to hot weather.Recently, BH workers purchase a batch of drinks, ice black tea, herbal tea,honey tea, and other drinks, distributed to the departments, the staff in the workshop, let everyone feel "cool" in the high temperature heat season, and told everyone to take care of yourself, pay attention to health.Since the beginning of this year,  orders are sufficient, the foreign trade situation is good, all workshops are in full load production, all staff actively cooperate, try to reduce the delivery cycle.In the face of hot weather, the company purchased emergency medicines such as wind oil essence, clear cooling oil and Huoxiang Zhengqi water for emergencies.Renovate workshop environment, install big blade fan in each workshop, promote air circulation;Collect rainwater on the roof, install sprinkler system, reduce heat accumulation, reduce the temperature in the workshop;Purchase mung bean, tremella, Summergrass, honeysuckle, sugar and other raw materials, boil herbal tea, free for employees to drink, by the staff's praise.The labor union procurement of summer drinks, to all the staff again condolence, reflects the bo migrant workers will care for employees, love the broad feelings of the enterprise, but also makes the staff more coagulation, deepen the feelings of the enterprise. 
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
10th Aug 2021

Best & Honest newly developed machines

Since summer, BH equipment division spread the good news: ten axial plane, six-station valve automatic assembly machine, automatic dispensing screw cap machine 12 sets of equipment such as offline smoothly, complete in early August after adjusting in the workshop production, effectively ease the current  difficult situation, improve the production efficiency of the engine. In 2019, The company invested 17 million USD to  build a standard workshop of nearly 50,000 square meters, planning to build the whole industry chain of water heating valves, on the basis of consolidating the existing industry, extend to the machine tool equipment, valve parts industry, and construct a new situation of diversified development and intensive operation.The company has absorbed advanced concepts, introduced high-end talents, established a research team of nearly 20 people, and trial-produced special machine tools.After hard work, the R&D team has achieved success. The trial-produced special aircraft and automatic assembly line of valves were presented at the 17th China (Yuhuan) International Machine Tool Show in September 2020, which caused a sensation among colleagues in the industry. Many customers observed the operation status and processing accuracy of the equipment on site, and all praised it.Compared with the similar equipment, people's special plane production, automatic assembly line of valve has a high degree of automation, stable performance, flexible energy saving and time saving, etc, to the top of a special plane old machine 6 sets, could be used to process various materials such as cast iron, copper, aluminum, three direction processing punch, fine cars, at the same time slot, tapping, pick silk, such as location, an assembly line easily replace the 11 workers,Increase production efficiency by more than 30%.At the same time of equipment development, the company focuses on intellectual property management. By the end of July, the scientific research team has applied for 32 patents, of which 21 have been authorized and 14 are in the process of applying. These technologies have filled the gap in the industry and reached the leading level at home and abroad.At present, BH company equipment workshop machinery roar, production is busy, staff work hard to catch up with the goods, the development prospect is good.The company has also increased capital investment, plans to produce 30 special machine before the end of the year, assembly automatic line 12 (sets), to achieve annual equipment output value of more than 30 million yuan.In addition to self-sufficiency, sales to the surrounding valve enterprises, leading peer enterprises to achieve a leap in production capacity.

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