Warm Mid-Autumn Festival and Mid-Autumn festival benefits

22th Spt 2021

On August 15, the moon is round and family reunion.
Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival condolence activity organized by the Party branch and the labor union of Bomin Shares began again.
The company purchased moon cakes, milk, supermarket cards and other items and distributed them to all employees to send holiday greetings and best wishes to employees and their families.

Mid-Autumn Festival common name Yuexi festival, also known as reunion Festival, originated in ancient times, popular in the Han Dynasty, stereotypes in the early Tang Dynasty, prevailing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has been listed as a national statutory holiday.
The Mid-Autumn Festival to the moon circle trillion people reunion, is homesick, miss family emotional sustenance, but also the people pray for peace and security, live and work in peace and contentment of the pursuit.
Most of the employees of BH company come from other provinces. Due to work reasons and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control this year, some of them cannot go home to spend the holiday with their parents, wives and children.
For the sake of employees, the company ordered moon cakes, milk and other items in advance, and ordered supermarket cards in nearby supermarkets, so that employees can shop by themselves.
When we received carefully selected gifts and sincere blessings, we felt happy on our faces. We truly felt the love and warmth of bomin family, and praised the humanistic care of the company.

Moon cakes are round and affectionate.
Everyone ate the moon cake, showed a happy smile, the staff said, thank the company to provide such a good working and living environment, but also thanks to the leadership of the staff's heart and care, will do their best to continue to contribute to the development and growth of the company!

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