BH organization to hold middle and senior leadership training

11th May 2023

From May 6th to 7th, BH, together with 2 other enterprises, Homebase and Hontec , organized the training and learning of "Manager Role Positioning and Communication" in the multi-function Hall of BH. A total of more than 70 middle and senior leaders of the three enterprises attended the training and achieved the expected effect.

In the course of teaching, Mr. Luo explained in detail the man-post matching technology in the positioning of the role of managers, emphasized the principle of being a true person and doing things in a role, analyzed the cost waste in daily management, classified the common mistakes of leading cadres, and distinguished the internal connection between operation and management, vision and results of the point, surface and line; In the explanation of the driving factors of management, Ms. Luo aroused everyone's interest with case analysis and classroom interaction, and explained the altruistic and egoistic working methods in management. All groups actively discussed and deepened their understanding of the role of management. In the example of thinking application class, Ms. Luo listed more than 20 ways of thinking, such as homeopathy thinking, pipeline thinking, altruistic thinking, dialectical thinking and outcome thinking, which triggered everyone's inspiration and was unanimously praised. In the communication courseware series, Ms. Luo elaborated communication logic, communication transmission, cross-departmental communication principles, unclear matters communication thinking and other elements. The content is detailed and specific, close to the actual operation of the enterprise, so that the trainees learn correct and effective communication. On the basis of the communication of knowledge and knowledge, several groups were invited to the stage for simulation exercise. Ms. Luo commented on the communication matters and shortcomings of each group one by one, which enhanced everyone's learning impression.

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