BH 2022 annual advanced commendation conference

02th Mar 2023

Spring returns to the earth. In the afternoon of February 28, BH organized all the employees to hold the "2022 Annual Advanced Commendation Conference" in the Fifth hall of the company. The atmosphere was warm and exciting.

At the meeting, the general manager Zheng Zhiyong made an important speech on behalf of the board of directors of the company. He summarized the work of the company in the past year, reported the business performance and the fruitful results achieved, pointed out the shortcomings in the management, emphasized the improvement projects and implementation measures of each department and each workshop, and demanded the implementation of everything and feedback. When issued 2023 work target, he encouraged the staff to continue to carry forward the unity, pragmatic and enterprising spirit of enterprise, in order to make full of vigour, Benedict do not idle attitude, efforts to achieve the leap development efforts to the company, refueling refueling, create a new Shared achievements. Manager Zheng's sonorous and powerful bold words shocked the meeting hall, and all the staff expressed their full support with thunderous applause!

Afterwards, the head of the business Management Department read out the commendation document and notified the list of "Advanced employees, advanced teams and 6S Prizes" of the company in 2022. In the welcome march, the leaders of the company presented awards to the honored employees and groups in batches, shook hands with the award-winning employees, and took a group photo.

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