BH actively encourage employees to replace non-standard electric bikes

18th Jun 2022

June 17, Qinggang Town enterprise staff non-standard electric bikes elimination and replacement activity (the first) was held in BH, the electric bike dealers, mobile companies, recycling companies, traffic police, urban management, market supervision and other units to help.

According to the "Zhejiang Electric bicycle management Regulations" relevant provisions, since January 1, 2023, in Zhejiang province for the record of non-standard electric bicycles shall not be on the road, the traffic police will be in accordance with the provisions of the parties to education or punishment.

In order to encourage employees to replace the non-standard electric bicycles, Yuhuan Government introduce many benefit policies, combine with the recycle company, the mobile company, financial company strength. Meanwhile BH has 100-150 subisdy. Highly reduced the replacement cost.

Employees are very happy to have this oppprtunity and this discount to have a brand new bikes.


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