Labor Day Holiday- Sports Meeting

05th May 2022

Labor Day Holiday- Sports Meeting

In order to celebrate the "5-1" international Labor Day, to create a festive atmosphere, promote the construction of enterprise cultural activities, to show the good outlook of workers positive and courageous struggle. On April 30th, BH's Party branch and labor union jointly organized the "fifth fun sports meeting for employees", which was well received by all employees.

This fun games set up "crab race", "double dragon ", "south-to-North water diversion", "tug-of-war" and other seven projects, a total of 75 teams 230 people/time to participate, the scale is larger than before. General manager Zheng Zhiyong said in the opening speech, the company has always attached importance to the construction of enterprise culture, support to carry out all kinds of competitive activities, let all staff work and rest, enjoy the fun of work and life, he hoped that the participating teams carry forward the style of "friendship first, competition second", competition level, mutual progress.

After the end of the game, the judges, records statistics and announced the results of each team, respectively to determine the first, second, third place, followed by a grand award ceremony, the company leadership of the winning team award. The winning team is full of excitement, everyone said that such activities are very powerful, not only challenge themselves, harvest hope, but also enhance the relationship between the staff, the team, the company, to all the staff's heart.

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