Chen Yisheng, member of the Standing Committee of Yuhuan Municipal Committee of the United Front Work Department, visited BH

04th Mar 2022

On the morning of March 3, Chen Yisheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Yuhuan Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Dai Jianjun, Chairman of the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, accompanied by Chen Yangjian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qinggang Town, visited BH for investigation and research. 

Chen Yisheng team first visited the cultural wall of BH and learned about BH's development history in detail. Chen Yisheng praised BH for more than 40 years of entrepreneurship, and experienced development from small to large. The routine are exciting. Bomin's The development history is a portrayal of Yuhuan's private enterprises, which is worthy of praise from the whole society. When visiting the product exhibition hall, Zheng Zhiyong reported the current situation of the company to Chen Yisheng. Chen Yisheng encouraged BHt o continue to play a leading role in the industry, enhance competitiveness, expand market sales, and strive to achieve better economic and social benefits. In the discussion with the attendees, Chen Yisheng emphasized that BH has a profound background, and under the new situation, it is necessary to continuously absorb new ideas and new thinking, and promote the development of enterprises towards internationalization with innovative practices. Chen Yisheng also asked the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, Haichuang Association, Youth Enterprise Association and other units to strengthen communication with the new generation of entrepreneurs, pay attention to the growth of young entrepreneurs, do a good job in learning and exchange services, and promote the whole body of entrepreneurs on the industrial front of the city. Dedicated to the cause, to make new and greater contributions to the social and economic development of Yuhuan.

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