BH successfully certified with "Zhejiang Product"

11th Feb 2022

At the beginning of the New Year, BH shares good news, the company was issued by Hangzhou Wantai Certification Co., LTD. Zhejiang manufacturing certification certificate, certificate no. CZJM2022P1023001R0M. Since then, the company has become a new member of zhejiang Province "product logo" corps, and become one of the few enterprises in the valve industry with a standard "discourse privilege".

In recent years, stainless steel ball valve due to the lack of unified industry standards, uneven product quality, resulting in vicious competition in the industry, which is not conducive to the development of manufacturers, damage to the interests of customers, but also affect the reputation of the industry. For unified technical standard, and promote peer enterprises mutually beneficial BH people shares in brand association, zhejiang province taizhou institute of standardization, valves, under the guidance of senior experts in February 1, 2021 began to draft standard text construction manual stainless steel threaded ball valve, the argumentation and revised several times, was finally released on September 12, 2021, were allowed. Shares in the standard, BH people to follow the "domestic first-class, international advanced" strategic positioning, uphold the "elaborate design, excellent material, manufacturing, sincere service" the principle of "four", compared with similar product standards to increase or improve the 12 measures of performance, to "high standards, high quality, make brand, make credibility" of the enterprise image, on January 11 to 13, 2022, Hangzhou Wantai Certification Co., Ltd. according to the "Zhejiang made" certification implementation rules and evaluation specifications of BH stock "construction manual stainless steel internal thread ball valve" research and development design, raw material procurement, production process, factory inspection, after-sales service of the whole process of review and verification, The audit group experts agreed that the hardware, software and management process requirements of Bomin shares are in line with the "Made in Zhejiang" certification mode, and agreed to issue the certification certificate.

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Best & Honest is not merely a reliable supplier of brass valves and fittings, but a business partner that grows with us.

--Laura Taylor

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Best & Honest studied side by side with us and then came up with very good products that are beautiful, effective, and consistent with our brand identity & market needs.

--Nicolas Porter

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We never doubt the choice of Best & Honest as our long-term supplier, their excellent and reliable plumbing equipment are entirely worthy of our trust.

--Mark Jackson