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Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.
Best & Honest, Leading Manufacturer and Supplier in the Global Plumbing Valves Market.

Automatic ferrule machine

  • SeriesAutomatic ferrule machine

The new generation of automatic ferrule machine adopts a four-station structure, each station is independently modularized, and adopts a universal tooling fixture, which can be compatible with the assembly of O-rings of valve stem sleeves with a diameter of 8-16 specifications, which is quick and convenient to change, reduce the waste caused by special aircraft, reduce operating costs, and improve efficiency


Electrical parameters: rated voltage: 220V rated power: 1.5KW rated air pressure: 0.7MPa

Assembly capacity: about 1.5 seconds a piece, 2400 pieces an hour



It is compatible with stem sleeve O-ring assembly with a diameter of 8-16,and the clamp position can be adjusted through simple adjustment, saving fixture costs and reducing replacement time.

The equipment can be equipped with two stem ferrules at a time, which is twice as large as the same type of product, increasing equipment utilization and reducing costs

Good compatibility, stable and reliable positioning

The vibrating plate is directly welded on the machine body, and the height of the vibrating plate is freely adjusted through the tray screw, which is ingenious and practical, strong in integrity, stable and reliable

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